Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are one of the most delicate and beautiful creatures of the nature, colorful free-floating spirits of the spring. Probably that is the reason why so many people, and especially women, choose exactly butterfly tattoos out of millions of tattoo designs. However, in combination of the beautiful design of Butterfly Tattoos and the diversity of the patterns it can provide to the tattoo artists, usually butterfly tattoos also contain very specific and symbolic meaning for their owners.

We know, that butterflies go through a huge metamorphosis in their life. They turn into graceful butterflies after being caterpillars. Therefore the most widespread meaning of butterfly tattoos is a big change in life, personal metamorphosis. It might signify escape from the pressure and success in your life-struggle. Even the fact that there is a butterfly means, that it already succeeded on a particular stage of life, transformed and stayed alive, Therefore this tattoo idea is very often signifies that we all have to go through different phases until we reach the state of freedom.

Butterfly tattoos

But freedom itself is another meaning of butterfly tattoo design. Butterflies signify freedom because of they fly freely in the sky, it’s independent and delicate.

Celtic Tattoos

The meaning of butterfly tattoos are often also rooted in the mythology or symbolism of different cultures and mythology. According to the Japanese culture butterfly in the room is a sign that someone you love is on his/her way to see you. In Chinese culture butterfly would mean happiness and joyful life. It was associated with good luck. For Native Americans butterflies were the carriers of the wishes to the Great Gods.

For today, butterfly tattoos are firmly linked with symbolizing internal and physical beauty, grace and fragility. They are probably one of the most popular tattoo idea because they can also fit almost any part of the body. The tattoo design, the delicate lines of the wings of the butterflies can nicely fill the natural curves of the bodies: back, lower part of the waist, wrist, neck or ankle.

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Big Butterfly tattoos

butterfly hope tattoo idea

Butterfly of Hope

tribal butterfly tattoo design

Butterfly Tribal Tattoo

Tribal butterfly tattoos 1

Tribal Tattoos

As different and various the patterns of the wings of the butterflies are in the real world, tattoo design of this beautiful creature can also take unlimited shapes, ornaments and colors. We offer you the examples of the tattoo ideas, to either help you to pick the idea which appeals to you the most or to let your tattoo artist design a unique butterfly tattoo according to them. Enjoy the variety!

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