Feather Tattoo

Show your love of freedom and flight with a feather tattoo style.

Popular varieties of Feather Tattoos

While some bird tattoos are chosen for his or her selection and colourful feathers, one fallen feather tattoo is also symbolic of loss, birth, and even luck.






Luck and fortune feather tattoos may pay tribute to a family tribe or social group. Take a glance at the various differing kinds of meanings behind widespread Bird tattoos and their feathers.

Popular Birds and their Winged Meanings


While usually spoken as an emblem of death, Native Americans believe the bird of night offers protection against evil spirits. The bird of night is additionally symbolic of intelligence and mystery. Whether or not you are into magic and also the fantastical world of magic or appreciate the knowledge of this traveler bird, owls and their feathers create a wise selection.


A tattoo appropriate to the royalty, a colourful peacock makes a vivid and delightful tattoo style for the arms, back or ribcage. Symbolic of rebirth and renewal In Christianity teachings, the attractive bird represents sanctity and from time to time slightly hints to  self-importance.

In parable The Peacock and Roman deity, the peacock learns the “Lots of every has been assigned by the need of Weird Sisters,” and should settle for his Beauty instead in role of melodic song.

In alternative components of the globe, the peacock is equally adored. Hindus feel peacocks signify kindness, luck and compassion and in some cultures the birds Are inscribed amongst the thrones of royalty. If you are the sort to boast, well then be proud and ink this colourful bird.


To pay tribute to the U.S. and freedom and bravado, nothing beats associate All-American old fashioned eagle. Waving a banner from its beak or taking flight amongst a cloud of roses, eagle tattoos make howling memorial and military tattoos and may even incorporate dates for a lot of Personal.


In Greek mythology, a feather from a Phoenix is alleged to vow living. Inking a feather from this legendary bird is a way to show your Immortality. When setting his own nest to flames, the Phoenix was born-again 3 days later. A flaming feather makes a blazing style plan once Inked fully color.



While not nearly as revered because the others, the gull will represent several things together with a love for the ocean and additionally rising higher than life’s tides. In the book dessert apple American Revolutionary leader gull by Richard Bach, associate outcast gull learns regarding purpose and flight by staying faithful himself and Believing in his own dreams despite fleeing the pack. An easy definition of a seagull’s wings would be a simple  message that you fly higher than Doubt and believe in yourself.

How to style a Feather Tattoo

Once you have got your bird hand-picked you’ll be able to begin operating together with your creative person to start planning a feather tattoo. You’ll opt to add many color To your piece or add simply a number of choose shades to create for a lot of realistic feather style.

Native yank Inspiration

So much of feathered art are often joined to Native yank culture and symbolism. Dream catchers, the Kokopelli, wild Buffalo and totem poles will All be incorporated into a feather style to make associate Indian impressed tattoo. Add many turquoise, coral associated ridge colours to make an mundane and Spiritual piece.

Research and notice a Feather

For feathered inspiration, hit the books. Need to the library or shop and scour photos of assorted varieties of birds and investigate their distinctive

Feather patterns and colours.

After you discover a feather you fancy, discover a lot of regarding the bird and see if its culture or origin will represent some larger personal significance.


Once you have found the bird, let your style ideas hightail it.
Feather tattoo meaning