Infinity Symbol


It is interesting that the very unearthly concept of infinity, endlessness and limitless opportunities is best presented by a mathematical symbol – infinity symbol. Infinity symbol, which is sometimes also called leminscate, has a shape of number 8 on its side.

infinity shape


History of Infinity Symbol:

The infinity symbol which is so frequently used nowadays has in fact a quite long history. The symbol appears in the ornaments of the cross of Saint Boniface, who was a missionary promoting Christianity in the Frankish Empire in the 8th century. What today is called an infinity symbol was then wrapped around the Latin cross. Infinity symbol got its mathematical meaning in the 17th century. It was first used by John Wallis in 1655. Wallis never explained why he chose to use exactly 8-on-its-side as a symbol for infinity. However, similar symbol was used by Romans to express “large number”. In most of the cases for Romani “large number would be 1000 written like this – CIƆ.

Infinity Symbol meaning in the past:

Infinity SymbolInfinity symbol has been meaningful in the past and still conveys number of meanings for various people. Several sources indicate, that the symbol was used in ancient India and Tibet to represent perfection and dualism. It also stood for the unity of a man and a woman. The symbol also signified the balance between the opposite forces in occult tarot. We can also often meet an Uroborus, which is an ancient symbol of a dragon eating its tail in the shape of infinity symbol. The Uroborus itself is a sign of the infinite and drawn in the shape of 8 signifies the similar concepts behind the two shapes.

Infinity Symbol Meaning today:

Infinity symbol meaning for today is really diverse for many people. There is something in the sign that keeps attracting everybody’s mind and thoughts. You know, you will never be able to find the end of infinity symbol shape, it doesn’t start or end, but it’s also not a circle, it is divided into two halves.

For many people, this simple but tricky figure deploy the key to life, which is unlimited possibilities a person has to manifest oneself. In any given 24 hour period we are given innumerable choices, starting from drinking tea or a coffee ending up in finding a life-partner and everything that lies in-between. The infinity symbol shows the variety of the possible versions of every single day in our life and what could have happened even if one of the decisions we made would have been different. The possibilities of choices multiplied to the number of the days or of minutes when we make decisions, reveals infinity of the endings and the outcomes. It shows that every single individual is infinite in its nature and the combinations of the individuals without any predetermined ending makes the world infinite.

infinity symbol meaning

For others, infinity symbol is attractive because it joins two separate circles. Two halves of the symbol can signify two sides inside one person. It can symbolize joining of the two halves of a person into one body, in a “complete” person. And though everyone can have good and bad, dark and bright sides inside, everyone can have a secret from public, every person is still a whole and carries everything in one body and one mind.  Infinity symbol meaning can also be unity of the two different people. Very often lovers show their affection to each other through an infinity symbol, in order to express the eternal love and devotion to each other.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo:

Most probably, because of the interesting meaning behind the infinity symbol it is so often tattooed by great number and variety of people. Infinity symbol tattoo is attractive for its plain design and also for its limitless possibilities to make it look unique. It fits perfectly to any part of a human body, its size can vary from very small to really large. You can find various great designs, black and white as well as colored for this tattoo. Various ornaments can be incorporated in the shape to make it pretty. Sometimes people tattoo their favorite phrase in the shape of the infinity symbol.

Double infinity symbol tattoos are famous as well. Double infinity symbol is created by entwining two infinity symbols on top of each other. The symbol together with signifying infinity also signals to perfection, as symbol 8-s in double infinity can mean infinity of time, and infinity of space separately, giving more possibilities to achieve perfection together.

If double infinity symbol tattoos are made by the couple it often signifies long lasting harmonic co-existence of the two infinities. Two sets of circles, on top of each other show perfect balance between the partners where they can be together side by side, independently as well as intertwined.