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We live in an accurately gendered society where the roles of the men and the women is well divided and notions of femininity and masculinity play enormous role in the lives of each and every one of us. How we perform our gender, how we consciously or unconsciously demonstrate our femininity and masculinity in everyday life shows a lot about us, about our taste, our lifestyle, preferences and views. Women and men carefully chose what they wear, what their hair looks like, what cars they drive or what sports they watch as these little details create then as human beings and also create their gender performance. It’s no surprise to say men and women that among all other things tattoos also say a lot about a person, about their style and wishes. They are little (or large) symbols reflecting who we are or who we want to be. And it also should not be surprising that men and women have different tastes and ideas when choosing tattoos for themselves: as tattoos can say a lot about their gender.

tattoo ideas for men

I want to talk to you about tattoos for men: what are the most popular or original masculine tattoos, what sort of shapes and colors, symbols and characters men like to have inked on their bodies. I want to discuss diversity of the tattoo ideas for men which I hope will be useful for you when going to a tattoo artist and thinking what sort of tattoo to get.

Tattoos for men

Among tattoo ideas for men which can be found on the web, the most widespread tattoos are tribal tattoos and especially tribal crosses. The tribal tattoos where sophisticated figures and ornaments are performed with bold lines of dark ink seem to be attractive for many men to decorate their bodies. Moreover, tribal tattoos are unlimited in the shapes and meanings behind it, just decide on what you want to show with your tattoo and you will find a perfect tribal design for it. See more on the meaning of tribal tattoos here.

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Another popular tattoo idea is to get an anchor tattoo. Anchor tattoos that also provide multiplicity of the possibilities for designing and shaping usually express firmness and strength. As anchor keeps the ship fixed in the water against the winds and the waves, anchor tattoo signifies personal ability to deal with difficulties in life and stay same and still. Many men relate to such description of their character and place small or large, colored or black anchor tattoos on their shoulder, back or chests.

Neon glow tattoo

Often men prefer to get colorful tattoos with the shape of an animal or a bird and usually their preference is determined to what other living being they relate to. How they see their character reflected in other species. Eagle tattoos – signifying power, scorpion tattoos – signifying smartness, dragon tattoos – signifying leadership and strength are few examples of tattoo ideas for men which involve animals.

Men Tattoos

As for the style of the tattoos that men chose, they are often specific too. Tattoo design for men is usually bolder and more visible. Men like to be unique in their tattoo design and often rely to the creation of their tattoo artists to make a unique tattoo for them. Tattoo design for men can be a very small tattoo but often men are braver in inking larger parts of their bodies. Massive chest, arm or back tattoos are the ones mainly seen on the men. Often preferred colors are black, gray and blue. But this is not to say that men dislike colored tattoos. We have all seen that full-body tattoos – predominant on the men are usually combining diversity of colors, shapes, patterns and phrases.

Here we offer you a large collection of the most applauded tattoos for men, have a look and get your tattoo idea as well as chose your preferred design. And of course you don’t have to copy them: you can take your ideas to your tattoo artist and make a completely unique outcome from it.